SJS 500 Amp Mini Portable Jump Starter and Power Pack


Jump start most bikes and vehicles up to 3 Litre Diesel and 6 Litre Petrol!

Jump start most bikes and vehicles up to 3 Litre Diesel and 6 Litre Petrol!

Built in 12,800mAh battery also includes USB charging and 8 commonly used power adaptors for 12V personal electronics charging.


  • SIZE: 165 mm x 79 mm x 40 mm, WEIGHT: 495 g
  • JUMP START OUTPUT:   12 V DC, 500 A peak / 300 A start.
  • JUMPER LEADS: JUMP START SAFE Technology 8 AWG cable with MOSFET.  Reverse Current: > 2 A max. 18 V DC max.  Voltage difference recognition, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, overheat temperature sensor, power pack low voltage indicator, anti-surge protection.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION:   Over-discharge, overcharge, resettable overload, digital charging voltage and current recognition, enclosed jump port terminals.
  • BATTERY CHARGERS:   SAA approved 240 V AC/15 V DC, 1 A wall charger.  12 V/15 V DC 800 mA car charger.
  • CHARGE CYCLES:   2,000
  • OPERATING TEMP:   -20 deg C to 60 deg C
  • SELF DISCHARGE:   10 to 15 % over 12 months from full charge (with power switch in ‘OFF’ position).
  • DEVICE CHARGING:   USB port 5 V DC, 2.1 A with 4 in 1 USB cable IS8 compliant.  Multi volt port 12 V, 16 V, 19 V DC cable + 8 adaptors.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT:   3 modes: Full on, SOS, emergency flash.

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