Alpinestars Tech Carbon Bionic Neck Support Brace


The most advanced neck brace to come from Alpinestars

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The most advanced neck brace to come from Alpinestars, the Tech Carbon features a carbon polymer frame for ultimate lightweight strength, with a brand new design for chest and back stabilisers.

Engineered to help prevent neck injury and minimize the risk of collateral damage, the BNS Tech Carbon functions when the rider’s helmet makes contact with the frame at the moment of a crash, thus providing a clean, solid surface which instantly channels damaging, compressive impact energy away from the neck and on to the BNS.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber polymer compound frame
  • Customizable and secure fit design
  • Lycra coated foam padding against the body allows the Tech Carbon brace to sit more comfortably against your chest and back
  • Improved innovative quick release locking system
  • Force distribution design brings impact forces through the brace safely and efficiently
  • Size adjustment built in – versatile fitment within each size
  • Rear stabilizer dissipates extreme energy loads across the back and shoulders, and away from the spin.

Available in two sizes to suit most users – please use the attached dimension guide for sizing assistance.


LGE-to-XLG, Xs-to-Med